Water Shed


The Bridge to Hope

The purposes of Ministry are:

To bring the gospel to the masses through Water-Shed Revival, Revival Plan;
And to facilitate the Water-Shed Revival, Riverside Rally;

To promote the study and increased knowledge of scripture through the Berean Order, bereanorder.com;

To facilitate Radial Active - Advanced Bible Study radialactive.org.;

Read The Epicenter.pdf whitepaper on the relationship of Water Shed, Berean Order, and Radial Active. Epicenter

To work with other ministries below.

To facilitate Celebrate Recovery of Lapeer County through The Center for Discipleship, thec.website*;

To directly address homeless situations, and to assist and support The Refuge operations, therefugehsl.weebly.com* and through The Gathering Place warming center, Gathering Place;

To make disciples of all peoples by partnering with the Jesus Film Project, jesusfilm.org* and the Issachar Initiative, issachararinitiative.org* ;

To participate in intercessory prayer according to The Connecter, Intercessors for America, IFAPray.org*;

* External sites, not operated by Water Shed.

To promote internal ministries below.

To promote the study and increased knowledge of scripture through the Berean Order, bereanorder.com;

To build healthy communities and individuals through the Challenge Core, Five Disciplines, sites.google.com/site/challengecore5;

To be an agent of communication through the Thumb Print, a weekly news publication, michthumbprint;

To be the center of exchange for the ministries of Wade R Jenkins, waderjenkins.com.;

To be ready for change.

The Ministry is simply a bridge to hope, built on the solid foundation of biblical truth, reinforced with the girders which are repentance, redemption, restitution, reserection, rebirth, restoration, recovery, renewal, refinement, righteousness, grace and sanctification.

The Ministry is not a physical church, nor church assembly, although typical church functions are conducted through its operation. Namely, part of Celebrate Recovery is a church-like assembly of people, with communion (meal), worship, testamony and prayer.


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