Water Shed

Where there is hope

Water Shed is a multi-faceted collaboration of ministries, organizations, companies and foundations dedicated to "The Great Commission," Matthew 28:18-20 .

The name:

Derived from watershed.

A watershed is all the land, and the water that drains into a common outlet stream or river including the outflow or junction area. Numerous watersheds join to form large systems such as the Mississippi River.

A watershed is also an historical event that has a significant effect, as in a particular point in time that changes patterns or practices.

The title:

Water Shed, in its most basic material form, as in a tent, hut or lean-too, is a shelter for assembly of people, protection from the elements, and a source of water and rejuvenation.

Water Shed is made manifest through a comprehensive set of ethics and practices based on Biblical principles.

The presence:

Water Shed precipitates in five spheres.

1: Education Biblical hermeneutics study, and homiletics teaching or application.

2: Civilization active participation in community, enterprise, civic and government.

3: Discipleship establishing spiritually focused, family oriented personal ministries.

4: Event management assisting others and being assisted.

5: Reciprocity sharing the fruits of labor.

The principal agents:

Berean Order: Dedicated to Biblical research and application

Issachar Initiative: Doing the business of the Great Commission

Water Share: Doctrine neutral orthopraxy (Inside out church service)

The ministries:

Crucible: Preservation of truth (history)

Revive: Pot-luck soup kitchen

Stand: Literature and Media

Vocabulation Station: Study of choice words or phrases, interpretation

Water Mark: Business practices for industry, agriculture and services

Water Shed Revival: Foundational teaching ministries

Water Shed Crusade: Fundraising events and promotions

Water Shed Delta: Distribution of resources

Water Shed Shelter: Protection and discipleship for homeless and needy

Connection: Celebrate Recovery Collaboration

Water Shed Revival / Crusade

Old time revivals with new style personality.

Start with a simple revival tent at local fairs.


The Revival part and the Crusade part work together. The Revival is the worship and message portion, which is performed by pastoral leaders. The Crusade is the application, participation and fund raising portion, which is performed by lay people and seasoned believers.

The purpose of the Revival is to bring people into the knowledge of the Savior.

The purpose of the Crusade is to raise up disciples, raise awareness, raise excitement, and raise funds. Some auxiliary events are fun runs, bike tours, and canoe trips. On site activities are inflatable games, contests and craft shows.

A large portion of the funds are shared among local underwriters and charitable organizations.

A smaller portion of the funds are retained for discretionary distribution and to support global missions.

A model Crusade


3 - 40 x 80 tents for assembly, growing people, grown-up people, grand people

20 x 40 tent for cooking and serving

Chairs, Tables, Signage

Prayer meeting


Equipment set-up

Guest camping arrivals 4 PM until 10 PM

Rehearsals 7 PM until 9 PM


Sunrise service 6 AM until 6:30 AM

Breakfast sausage and pancakes 7 AM until 9 AM

Fund Run Race 8 AM

Agenda and Introductions 9 AM until 9:30 AM

Worship and messages in 15 minute increments all day

Live reenactments all day

Fund Splash Swim noon to 5 PM

Lunch sandwiches 1 PM until 2 PM

Tour deFource 2 PM

Koinonia Dinner 6 PM until 7 PM

Rousehouse calling 7:30 PM until 8 PM

Spirit spreading 8 PM until 9 PM

Birthday Dip 9 PM

Holy Joy 9 PM until 10 PM

Movie 10 PM until 12 PM


The rising son sunrise service

Fast, fruit bar all day

Peace rest 10 AM to noon

Re-creation noon to 4 PM

Some reassembly required 4 PM to 6 PM

Fellowship feast 6 PM to 8 PM

Finally fire 8 PM to 9 PM

Embers Song of Joy 9 PM to 10 PM

Heavenly on earth 10 PM to slumber.


Break Fast 7 AM to 8 AM

Break camp 8 AM to 10 AM

Break time 10 AM to 10:30 AM

Round-up 10:30 AM to noon

Head-out high noon. Go unto all the peoples

Publicity Proclaim


Tents tables chairs taken down

Teach and preach


Transit and rest

Outreach and stretch out.


Sponsor exposition space available during event.

Vendors of relevant materials welcome - books, media, art, clothing, armor.

One price for weekend includes all. $100 plus $60 per person.

Visitors price is per item (all sessions are free).

Vocabulary Studies

Purpose: To increase vocabulary skills.

Hebrew, Greek, English, other. Grammar, definition, interpretation, elocution.


Recognition awards of Achievement in demonstrated mastery.

There are no grading, classes, age groups, or levels. There is only achievement.

Study for 2 hours every day from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.